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 ~What's up Spring 2014~

The Lord in His infinite wisdom and long suffering has patiently waited

on this knuckle head (John DePue)  until I would hear His still small

voice and say YES Lord here I am send me! Through the gentle

leading of some very wonderful saints we said YES Lord to feeding

the children of our community. This began nearly 2 years ago, and

has continued ever since!


My only regret is being hard of hearing and not having started sooner!

Now confidence has soared to new heights in all those we serve from

the children to the parents and grandparents. Even older brothers and

sisters, are all treating us with a new found respect and honor.                                      

This vastly increases the opportunities we have as we learn to love

our neighbors here in the Mts of Honduras! 2014 will see us break

ground on construction of our Children's Home of Hope! This 3200sq

ft complex on Co-Partners property at Base Honduras will also

contain a Christian Kindergarten / Health Clinic and Apartment for the

house parents. The Home will have a boys and girls wing designed to

be a home for 12 abused, abandoned, or neglected children.                

The Kindergarten will allow us to share Jesus life with the

children while they are still young and pliable.                  


The relationships we are building with their families allow us to

encourage new ideas and ways of thinking about HOW GOD REALLY

LOVE US, along with lessons on basic sanitation, hygiene and health

care with the children their Parents,Grandparents, and older brothers

and sisters!


Faith is the realization of things hoped for! Hebrews 12:1 We are

seeing this kind of faith working among us! We are beginning to

realize those things we had hoped to see for so many years! Serving

the children has indeed provided an opportunity to serve

our neighbors in ways that will bring lasting change to their lives!

Thank you Jesus, for allowing us to participate with you as we share



Blogging with Jesus & John

God is good ALL the time! Amen?

I am so thankful our Lord is such a faithful and patient teacher. He has been teaching me lots of good things lately. I remember my Grandmother told me "If I do not learn something new each day, I count that day a loss." While in Christ NOTHING is ever really lost, cause Jesus was the first using the concepts of sustainability and recycling before the terms even became popular! 

Consider the 12 baskets of fragments the disciples picked up after he fed the 5000 with 3 fish and two loaves of bread! GLORY!

So today if we will hear His voice, He has a lesson of His mercy, goodness and grace for each of us to grow and be changed a little more into His likeness! 

He has been teaching me about two things that seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum Surrender &  Receiving ALL He has promised to us. 4-10-2014

I just read Hinds Feet on High Placesaagain after 30 years. How refreshing to consider the concept of embracing the Lord's love for us as we walk at times with suffering and sorrow.  

My 30+ years of evangelical teaching had me rebuking the thought of any such thing as "Satan." When in fact our Lord is sovereign in all things, and as we learn to embrace His love for us as we walk through life at times with suffering and sorrow as our companions He is able to actually use them to bring us to the "High Places" where the healing streams of Joy flow down from His throne. 

Yes, God does have a wonderful plan for our lives, but it is only realized as we learn to surrender all our ideas about how He will accomplish that for us to Him. Remember our brother the Apostle Paul, who sought the Lord 3 times to remove some suffering from his life, and the 3rd time the Lord told Him, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my strength is made perfect (complete, mature) in weakness!" (2 Corinthians 12: 7-10)

Hey I hope this challenges your bible knowledge today, and causes you to reconsider your ideas about how our heavenly Father works in our lives! It sure has mine!

Jesus is Lord over ALL the earth, and as such He alone is sovereign in all the affairs of men! He has plans of good for us, so perhaps we should not be kicking so hard against the pricks.(difficulties we all face in this life)

It could be He is using the very thing we consider to be an enemy to conform us into the image of our big brother, the Lord Jesus Christ.                                                                  1 Peter 2:21, Even Jesus learned obedience through the things that He suffered.                                            Hebrews 5:8 

Sure he prayed "Father if it is possible let this cup of suffering pass from me. Nevertheless not my will but yours be accomplished." Matthew 26:39-42

Then the 12 began to argue who would be the greatest, and He asked,"Can you drink the cup that I drink,(the cup of suffering) and be baptized with the baptism I am baptized with (the baptism of fire) and they not knowing what they said replied "Yes Lord we can!" He told them and so you shall! So also shall all those who follow the lamb where so ever he goes. Mark 10:35-45 

The victory is in realizing that the Lord is with you in the midst of your worst trials, that He has not forsaken you, and never will. As we surrender to His sovereignty and love for us, we will have a new view concerning tribulations, persecutions, sickness, sorrow and pain. Jesus is LORD, and he has a wonderful plan for our lives!

            ~A Testimony of God's Faithfulness~                     Luke 15 >>> The parable of the two lost brothers.             Commonly called "The Prodigal Son"

Psalms 22:24 Did God turn His face away from Jesus on the cross? We have been taught that all our lives, but what say the scripture, and what say the very nature of the one with whom we have to deal? Lets dig a little deeper..... All the following thoughts are by NO means original with me, but gleaned from others my elder brothers in Christ:-) 


             GOD IS GOOD!